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Not sure where to start or what to do? Let us help with that.

There's more in Southern Africa than you could do, see and experience over a thousand lifetimes. Trying to decide what it is you want to do can be tricky.

Suppose you're set on a culinary holiday. Do you explore the Indo-African treasures of South Africa, the seafood and peri-peri flavours of Mozambique or the rich dishes of Zimbabwe? If you know you're looking for bespoke safari holidays then would Namibia or Botswana be the better choice? If you want to get your adrenaline fix then would shark cage diving, white water rafting or skydiving be more your speed?

That's where Friends of Adventures comes in. If you're in need of inspiration for your great adventure then look no further. Here you will find a directory of holiday ideas, from relaxing in luxury lodges in South Africa to adrenaline-fuelled quad biking in Namibia.

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 See something you like the look of? Friends of Adventures organise, plan and book bespoke safari holidays, bush retreats and more. Get in touch to book a free holiday consultation.

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Honeymoon Holidays

Home to both luxury accommodation and spectacular sights, Southern Africa is perfect for creating romantic memories that will last a lifetime.

Honeymoon Inspiration

Hot air balloons in Namibia

Adventurous Souls

Tackle rapids, cycling routes or cross-country walking routes across Southern Africa's diverse landscapes.

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Bush & Beach

Experience Southern Africa's sprawling coastlines and unique interior (or both!), packed with national parks, safaris and heritage sites.

Bush & Beach Inspiration

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Family Getaways

Whether you are looking to unwind at an all-inclusive resort, escape the hustle and bustle at a private lodge or take your loved ones on safari, Southern Africa has plenty of family-friendly options.

Family Getaway Inspiration

Group of friends drinking wine on South Africa holiday

Culinary Holiday

Combines the natural beauty of the region with its unique cultural cuisines, from gourmet dining at Victoria Falls to South Africa's winelands.

Culinary Holiday Inspiration

Couple on safari drinking in South Africa

Choose Your Destination

Explore the countries that we cover and find the perfect location for your next holiday.

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How does it work?

 Travel Agent for Southern Africa in United Kingdom


You get in touch with us at 07342 997937 to arrange a phone consultation.

 Travel Agent for Southern Africa in United Kingdom


We will have a friendly chat about what it is you're looking for and get a sense of what you might enjoy or not enjoy.

 Travel Agent for Southern Africa in United Kingdom


Friends of Adventures will look around to find you the best deals on experiences, accommodation and travel that we think you will love, compiled into 3 custom itineraries.

 Travel Agent for Southern Africa in United Kingdom


Once you pick something that you like the sound of, Friends of Adventures will get to work to book your dream holiday. All that you need to take care of are the flights.


Sit back, relax and count the days for your Southern African adventure!