Winelands Holidays



There's more to southern Africa than wines…

Southern Africa promises a tantalising world of taste and exploration for food enthusiasts. From the vibrant markets of the cities to the traditional cooking methods of rural communities, the region is a rich tapestry of gastronomic delights. Grouping all the dishes and tastes on offer under ‘Southern Africa cuisine' would be doing them a disservice, owing to the unique fusion of traditional Africa, European and Asian flavours that can't be found anywhere else.

Ready for the foodie of a lifetime? Friends of Adventure can plan, book and organise culinary trips such as:

  • Sampling world-class reds and whites with a South Africa winelands holiday
  • Discovering Cape Town's artisanal Spice Route
  • Exploring authentic Malay culture and cuisine with a tour of the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood
  • The aromatic world of Durban, one of the world's curry hotspots
  • Mozambique's renowned seafood cuisine with a stay at a coastal town

Wine tasting group in South Africa