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A beach paradise, but with much more to offer

Welcome to Mozambique, your gateway to paradise. It's a land of endless wonder, with pristine beaches, vibrant culture and untamed wilderness.

The country boasts an astonishing 1,700 miles of pristine coastline. Much of it is secluded, making it the perfect complement to a safari holiday. For those who want to do more than relax, a vast marine world beckons. Embark on a deep-sea fishing expedition, snorkel through mesmerising coral feeds and dive with some of the world's finest marine life.

Mozambique's charm extends beyond the allure of the coast into the towns, most of which are adorned with Portuguese colonial-era architecture while being seeped in the vibrant tapestry of local culture. Overall, Mozambique promises beauty and bliss. Dive into this oceanic wonderland and let Mozambique redefine your perception of paradise.

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Mozambique has a classic tropical climate, with a distinct dry season and wet season.


Dry Season 

May to October

Considered the best time to visit. The weather is generally dry and the sky is mostly clear, making it perfect for water-based activities like snorkelling, diving and fishing. The temperatures are comfortable and ideal for beach lovers. Coastal regions have daytime temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, while the inland regions tend to be hotter at between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius.


Wet Season 

November to April

Considered the rainy season, with high humidity, heavy rainfall and an outside possibility of cyclones. Although driving on the roads can be difficult, it remains a very popular destination over the Christmas period and New Years (With a particular emphasis on birdwatching). Coastal regions have daytime temperatures between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius, albeit at a higher humidity. Inland regions remain between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius.




Destinations and Areas of Interest




Mediterranean-style architecture, waterfront allure and vibrant culture come together to create an unforgettable urban experience. Explore wide avenues shaded by jacaranda and flame trees, savour diverse cuisine and sidewalk cafes and immerse yourself in a lively culture scene.

Maputo, Mozambique's captivating capital, invites you to discover its unique blend of history, art and urban charm.



Inhambane & Tofo Beach 


Journey to the coastal gem of Inhambane, just north of Maputo, and discover one of Mozambique's most captivating towns. Inhambane's story unfolds through its architecture at atmosphere, echoing a history that spans over a thousand years.

Today, Inhambane is celebrated for its incredible marine life, particularly manta rays and whale sharks. The best time to visit these majestic creatures is from October to January. The town serves as a gateway to a string of stunning beaches, with Tofo beach at the forefront. Tofo Beach boasts tranquil azure waters, pristine sands and world-class diving.




Vilanculos & Bazaruto Archipelago 


Vilanculos, nestled along the stunning Mozambique coastline, is the gateway to one of one of Africa's most enchanting treasures - the Bazaruto Archipelago.

These islands, a short boat ride from Vilanculos, are a collection of untouched, sandy havens surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Dive into the crystal-clear waters to encounter colourful fish, turtles, and even dugongs. These islands are also a sanctuary for birdwatchers, with numerous species to spot.

Vilanculos itself is a charming coastal town that blends a relaxed atmosphere with vibrant local culture. It's a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering excellent conditions for sailing, kiteboarding, and snorkelling. Stroll along its palm-fringed beaches and savour fresh seafood at seaside restaurants.





Ilha de Mozambique, a captivating island located just a 2-hour drive from Nampula Airport in Northern Mozambique, holds a prestigious title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its historical significance is immense, having served as the capital of Portuguese East Africa before 1898, a name that ultimately inspired the nation of Mozambique itself.

Ilha de Mozambique is where simplicity reigns, and you can immerse yourself in the serene natural beauty and the peaceful, friendly life that still echoes the adventures of the past. Its combination of sandy beaches and historical intrigue makes Ilha de Mozambique one of Mozambique's most enchanting tourism destinations. Escape the stresses of modern life and embark on a journey to a place where history meets paradise, and where tranquillity and beauty await at every turn.