Safari Holidays in Botswana





Where the land is as untamed as it is beautiful

Botswana is renowned as a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts, thrill-seekers and animal lovers alike.

The country's main tourist attractions revolve around its breath-taking landscapes, waterways, and salt pans, offering unique experiences that leave visitors in awe. For those who want to get up close with the wild, safari holidays in Botswana offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories to be treasured for years to come.

Exploring the waterways in a mokoro canoe and encountering iconic beasts in their natural habitats are just some of the many unforgettable experiences that await in this remarkable African nation. Botswana's national parks and game reserves are home to an abundance of iconic beasts, making it one of Africa's prime safari destinations.

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The best time to visit ultimately depends on your preferences and what kind of experience you seek. Whether its prime wildlife viewing during the dry season or the lush green landscapes of the wet season, Botswana has something to offer all year round.


Dry Season 

May to October

The dry season is generally considered the best time to visit Botswana, as it offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. As water sources become scarce, animals gather around permeant waterholes and rivers, making them easier to spot. May to end of June are particularly great as the vegetation is relatively green and temperatures are moderate.


Wet Season 

November to April


The wet season also known as the green season, occurs during Botswana's summer months. While wildlife viewing can become more challenging due to the abundance of water sources, this time of year is beautiful in its own unique way. It attracts the migratory birds and the landscape is lush and green.

From November onwards it gets a lot more humid and occasional heavy rainfall can make certain areas inaccessible, but the scenery is stunning, and the crowds are fewer.




Destinations and Areas of Interest


Okavango Delta 


One of the standout features of Botswana is the Okavango Delta, a sprawling oasis in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. This pristine inland delta is formed by the Okavango River, creating a labyrinth of channels, lagoons, and islands.

Exploring this region in a mokoro (Dug Out Canoe) is an unforgettable adventure, as it allows visitors to navigate through the serene waterways, observing the diverse birdlife and aquatic species that thrive here.


Makgadikgadi Pans and the Nxai Pan 


These vast salt pans offer a strikingly surreal landscape, especially during the wet season when they transform into shallow, shimmering lakes attracting a multitude of migratory birds and large herds of approximately 25,000 zebras and wildebeests.

The Nxai Pan is located within the Makgadikgadi Pans, and stands out for its expansive salt flats, grasslands and acacia woodlands. One of the most remarkable features of Nxai Pan is the famous Baines Baobabs, a group of ancient baobab trees that were immortalized in paintings by the 19th century artist and explorer Thomas Baines.


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve 


This reserve provides unique opportunities to witness the fascinating adaptations of desert-adapted species, and the best chance of spotting a rare pangolin.

This reserve provides an authentic desert experience with its stark landscapes and unique wildlife adaptations. It's a great place for travellers seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures.


Chobe National Park 


Chobe National Park offers an unparalleled safari experience. The park's centrepiece is the Chobe River, where some of the largest herds of elephants gather along its banks, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle.

From open grasslands to lush woodlands, Chobe's varied habitats hosts an array of wildlife. Whether you're captivated by game drives or serene boat cruises, Chobe promises unforgettable encounters with Africa's untamed beauty.